COVID – 19 Lockdown – Home Quarantine

It's been a week since the lockdown began. We're still good on our food supply and vitamins. We're healthy and pretty much okay, following a strict compliance of this enhanced community quarantine. It's true, having a comfortable house, enough food and vitamins, a little entertainment while on lockdown, it's safer to be in the house.... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 – Philippines

Effective today, March 17, 2020, President Rodrigo Duterte mandated the Enhanced Community Quarantine for the whole island of Luzon for one month. Currently, the Philippines has a total of 142 confirmed cases of COVID-19. I've been so restless about this pandemic disease because of course just like everyone else, I feel worried about my family.... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Scare

  How does your country handles Covid-19?Do you have shortage on Vitamins, Alcohol or face mask?What about food or buying your needs when your place is currently lockdown?

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