Time flies really fast. Last June 10, 2019 we celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary. I initially did a pencil booking to Shangri-la Manila but my vacation leave wasn’t approved. So I have to think of other options. Then I realized why don’t we visit Regina RICA again for thanks giving and for contemplation as well. It’s cheaper and won’t need so much time from us.


We went here 2 years ago with my in-laws. From then on, the place stays in my memory and I have this constant feeling of wanting to go back there.


Finally after almost 2 years, we were able to visit this place again. Very refreshing and you’ll really feel you are closer to God. We came back here with a grateful heart as our prayers 2 years ago were answered. My husband is a Steel Detailer and  was working in a sub-con business for almost 10 years. On the latter years, he really endures too much over time but less compensation. There was a time when he did not come home for 3 days because they were completing a project for their client. But what’s worse is that, they didn’t get paid. So when we came here at Regina RICA, I sincerely prayed for a better company for my husband. So he can enjoy a work-life balance. That he won’t need to render too much over time at work.


And that was answered on the same year I prayed for it. He’ll be celebrating his 2nd year in the company this year. I can definitely say that he’s better now. We also enjoy the company benefits for our family. 


On that same day, I also prayed for a baby. And amazingly, I gave birth to my first born on the same day we celebrate Mama Mary’s birthday. I will forever be reminded that I prayed in Regina RICA and that was answered miraculously.



We came here at exactly 7:30 on a Sunday morning. We traveled  2 hours from our house in Bulacan. Attending the mass at 8am is on top of our list but we just found out that their mass schedule was changed. They have two mass schedule every Sunday, one in the morning at 11 and 3 in the afternoon.

For more details about their mass schedule, opening hours etc. Please visit their FB fan page  or their website.

What to do while waiting for the mass?

You can start by going inside the mantle where you can meditate, pray and cleanse your spirit. Anyway, there will be a welcome talk upon arrival to the area and you will be guided on the things you can do within Regina RICA.




After your exit from the mantle, you can then light a candle afterwards. The scented candle will cost you a hundred pesos. You can purchase more so you can have a souvenir for yourself or for your loved ones.

I really admire how this place was planned. I mean in every stop, I can assure you that it’s next stop will always be essential for you. (I hope I was able to make this clear to you haha) Like for example, from this candle area, there’s a nearby cafeteria where you can stay for a little, while waiting for the mass.





Straight from my 11pm-5am shift, this signature Cafe Latte saved my day! I love it! They also have their own restaurant which offers vegetarian food. We tried it when we first visit the place and their Tofu Kare-Kare is my favorite.

I also took this time to buy something from their souvenir shop. One of my new favorites are these! They smell so refreshing for Php85.00 each!




2 years ago, I bought this 50 powerful messages By Sis Eppie. I forgot how much I bought this for. But it’s no longer available in their store right now. This is really nice, you’ll pick one card in the morning and read what it says to brighten up your day.

The Mass and the Catholic Church







You don’t know how difficult it is to travel with a baby. So I’m thankful that there are Concrete Huts here where you can dine in with your home cook food. The rent is from Php100.00 to Php300.00. Not bad! The place is so nice, very organize and clean.


Please watch the video below for a summary of our trip in Regina RICA 🙂

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