Don’t Worry: God Is God, and You Are Not

“’Do not be worried and upset,’ Jesus told them. ‘Believe in God and believe also in me’” (John 14:1 GNT).


You don’t have to go the rest of your life in constant worry, being uptight, having your stomach in a knot, or feeling tense. Anything that’s learned can be unlearned. So let’s start unlearning worry!God has promised to take care of you. The starting point to letting go of worry is to maintain this humble attitude: “God is God, and I’m not.” When you understand that, worry will start disappearing from your life.

“‘Do not be worried and upset,’ Jesus told them. ‘Believe in God and believe also in me’” (John 14:1 GNT).

Start every day by reminding yourself that God is a good God. When you wake up, why not try that? Sit on the side of your bed and say, “The Lord is my shepherd. Jesus Christ, I’m expecting you to feed me, lead me, and meet my needs today. I will trust you.”

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me . . . I sacrifice my life for the sheep” (John 10:14-15 NLT).

If God loved you enough to die for you, he certainly loves you enough to feed you, lead you, and meet whatever need you have today.



“Differences spice things up”

In the beginning you thought: “Wow! We have exactly the same interests. We are exactly the same! We must have been twins in a previous life!”
Later you find out: “hmmm… we’re actually quite different. Fascinating! How cool! We complement each other.”
Much later you only think: “Why are we so different? God, when you created this man-woman-thing you somehow didn’t think it through to the end. Nothing fits! I’ll happily give my husband back to you!”

The point is: no one eats with two forks or two knifes. To enjoy a wonderful meal you need a knife and a fork.
In order to experience life in abundance, you need to have the differences between men and women. If you don’t agree on who is the knife and who is the fork, then take this question as the perfect opportunity for practice. You have a different opinion and therefore, you have something to discuss. And that is exactly what differences are here for, among others: to start talking with each other.
Moreover, differences result in complementing, excitement and they polish the character. So why do we complain about differences?

Talk about your differences and how these can stimulate your marriage.



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