Learn User Support – Develop your cover letter

  • Flexible
  • Active Person
  • Achiever
  • Can work on his own with less supervision
  • Good English communication skills
  • Minimum of 2-4 years experience in a similar role
  • Knowledge is Social Media and Marketing
  • Comfortable working with tracking and support desk tools (Intercom, Helpscout, Desk, etc.)
  • Excellent Customer Service Management
  • Laptop/Computer and fast internet



Sample Cover Letter


Hi There,

I am more than interested in the Technical Support Agent: Tier 1 position. I am confident that my working experiences and capabilities as a Technical Support Specialist will help in the success of your business.

I have attached my resume and you will see that I have more than twelve years working experience in the same role. I handled challenging accounts that requires Technical Skills and great Customer Service Management such as Dell, Dish Network and Symantec Enterprise. I worked with various clients in different part of the world which enhances my flexibility in working with different culture, time zones and business need. Working remotely for many years, enables me to be dependent only to myself and be proactive to learn new skills to achieve my goals. I also worked for a company that offers pool services. My main role is to create advertisements and use Facebook Marketing strategy. This gives huge success for the company I worked with.

I believe that I can offer an ultimate service for your business. At the same time, I am also open for training that will improve my skills more. I will never get tired of learning. It actually thrills me whenever I get an opportunity to learn.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I will be more than excited to be working with you.

Cams Eligio




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