Trying to Manage Your Time? Don’t Go It Alone

“It’s better to have a partner than go it alone” (Ecclesiastes 4:9 The Message).


We were created for community. We’re better together. We’re made for each other. We need each other.To make the most of your time, you must enlist a spiritual partner. Why? Because you cannot get control of your calendar on your own.

You can’t call everybody in your small group every week. But you can call one person who can help you keep your priorities in line and your schedule on track. This could be a Christian co-worker or someone in your small group or even a friend who doesn’t live in your city but is just a phone call away. You talk regularly. You check in on each other. You ask each other, “How are you doing with managing your time? How can I help you? How can I pray for you?” The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:9, “It’s better to have a partner than go it alone” (The Message).

God wants to use you. You weren’t put on this planet just to do what you want to do. You were put here to do what God created you to do. But the number one reason believers aren’t used by God is they’re too busy. You cannot be used by God effectively until you learn to manage your time.

That’s why these five steps we’ve been talking about—assume responsibility for your time, believe that God will help you, clarify what’s most important, don’t wait to begin, and enlist a spiritual partner—are so important. They will help you manage your time in a biblical way so that you can make time for God.

The Bible is filled with stories of deeply ordinary people that God used in extraordinary ways when they gave God their time. Moses had a speech impediment, but God still chose him to be his spokesman. Moses had even murdered someone, but God said, “I know all about your past. I have chosen to use you.”

God loves to use unexpected people. I’m the perfect example! God wants to use you, too. But you’ve got to give him your time. And you’ve got to get some help from a spiritual partner who can help you remember your purpose and realize how managing your time helps you to accomplish it.


YOUR LONGING FOR HEAVEN IS GOOD, because it is an extension of your yearning for Me. The hope of heaven is meant to strengthen and encourage you, filling you with wondrous Joy. Many Christians have misunderstood this word hope, believing that it denotes wishful thinking. Nothing could be farther from the truth! As soon as I became your Savior, heaven became your ultimate destination. The phrase hope of heaven highlights the benefits you can enjoy even while remaining on earth. This hope keeps you spiritually alive during dark times of adversity; it brightens your path and heightens your awareness of My Presence. My desire is that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.
ROMANS 8 : 23 – 25

God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope offered to us may be greatly encouraged. We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.
HEBREWS 6 : 18 – 20

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
ROMANS 15 : 13



To Hear God You Must Cooperate


God speaks to people who decide in advance to do what he tells them to do, not those who say, “God, tell me what to do and then I’ll decide if I want to do it.” When you have an attitude of cooperation, you are going to hear from God. A willing mind is the good soil that we see in today’s verse.

You need to be able to say, “God, I’m willing to do whatever you want me to do. Even if it seems scary or unusual or hard, I’m going to do it, and I’m going to keep at it until I bear fruit.”

How do you bear fruit? Luke 8:14 says it takes persistence. But it takes more than that. In the next verse, Luke 8:15, Jesus says this, “they listen to God’s words and cling to them and steadily spread them to others who also soon believe” (LB).

One of the ways to bear fruit is to pass it on. Teach somebody else. That is the secret of growth. Whatever you learn, as soon as you learn it, pass it on to someone. Whoever teaches, grows the most — because when you teach you show that you’ve not only heard it, but you’ve incorporated it and can communicate it to others.

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