The Fork in the Road

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. (Psalm 32:8)
The famous baseball player Yogi Berra has a way with words. Of his many famous quotes, this is one of my favorites: “When you come to the fork in the road, take it.” He said it originally when giving someone directions to his home, because either way you turned at the fork, right or left, it still led to his house. Don’t you wish it was that way in life?

The truth is, you will come to critical times in your life when you must make decisions as to which way you will turn. Will you forgive or hold a grudge? Will you stay and work things out or run from your problems? Will you withdraw from your spouse when he or she offends you and go elsewhere to get your needs met, or will you pursue your spouse and fight for your marriage?

In life, there are many proverbial “forks in the road.” What you do at these times forms your character and forges your destiny. I recently met with a person who is bankrupt and has been divorced multiple times. He lamented to me that he had made every wrong choice at crucial times and wished he could go back and do it all over again.

Every marriage has problems and requires hard work and sacrifice for success. When you get to the difficult times in your life and marriage, you must forgive, commit and give of yourself in spite of your negative emotions. There will always be a little voice inside of you trying to convince you to take “the easy way”—the alternate road that looks so much more pleasing.

Also, at these times there are often supporters of that other path cheering you on and assuring you that you are justified in following your feelings. They want you to believe that the answer to all of your problems lies in the choice to do what God’s Word says is wrong, but what the majority of people say is right.

As you conclude this 52-week devotional study, I want to leave you with two thoughts: first, the easy way is never easy. It is brutal. The pretty side of the fork in the road that is lined with flowers and goes downhill actually has many sharp turns with steep cliffs you can’t see.

Second, the right way is the easiest way to live. Even though that side of the fork looks steep and rocky at first, it actually becomes a better road with every step you take. Also, as you climb higher and higher, the scenery becomes breathtaking as you see God’s promises for your life, marriage, and family come true.

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