Major Wedding Checklist

“Love is patient, love is kind, it isn’t jealous, it doesn’t brag, it isn’t arrogant, it isn’t rude, it doesn’t seek its own advantage, it isn’t irritable, it doesn’t keep a record of complaints, it isn’t happy with injustice, but it is happy with the truth. Love puts up with all things, trusts in all things, hopes for all things, endures all things.”

Yeah I know, it’s been almost 2 years since I throw some time to update this article. I became so busy with the real life haha! But I know this is still worth sharing.


So.. our wedding was in June of 2017. But in August 2016, I made a pre-planning about our wedding. I was a very budget conscious that I set a certain “ideal budget” but please read until the end and see what happened.

You can read the old post I made by clicking the link below:

Wedding Planning Part 1

My major wedding checklist is still the same:

Photo and Video
Hair and Make Up
Lights and Sounds
Gown and Suit
Coordinators and Emcee

Let me just add-on the list “the number of guests” because this is really, really important!

There’s also for minor check list (shall I say) haha!

  • Hotel for wedding preparation
  • Give away/souvenir
  • Bridal Car
  • Food during the wedding preparation
  • Invitation Cards

19059681_1495685123837874_8583966750018495735_n.jpgKym & Mae

Let’s talk about the major checklist first.


My original plan was to have 100 pax only buuuuuuut my husband wants to invite everyone in his clan! And even if we indicated the reserved number of guests on our RSVP, people still bring more than what was reserved for them.

oh people

So we ended up signing a contract for 170 pax. Fortunately, on the wedding day, there were invites who did not arrive so the excess, fill the missing invites. We signed up with Maribon Catering Services. They are cheaper than others.

We received positive feedback from our guests that the food tastes good. But for some, they didn’t enjoy the cucumber juice. But me and my husband actually liked it. I like my bouquet of flowers. I wish I can keep it for life haha! I’m just not so satisfied with their styling. There’s no wow factor but it’s still acceptable. I don’t like the cloth of our couch and the arch, it’s not very stylish. They said that they will buy new fabrics and curtains just to meet my expectation but I know for sure that the cloth and curtains that they use are not brand new. I’m not demanding for them to buy new sets but it’s just not too stylish for me. The bubble machine, and the dove for tradition were not executed as well. My primary sponsors also told me that the waiters did not bring them food after the first meal. So they weren’t sure if it was okay to get their food on their own. The expectation was and which we agreed on, the waiters will serve food for the primary sponsors that they don’t need to stand and get their food on their own. Kuya Rommel, the owner, was not there during our dinner so he didn’t see. But he was there when we were introduced as officially newly wedded couple at the reception. We just texted him about it and he apologized, he said the crew that was in-charge for it was just new. A corrective action will be done, he said.

Anyway, here are some photos taken by Maribon on the reception. This is Expectation vs. Reality.

Expectation (photo taken from Pinterest)



Not bad right? I just don’t like the type of cloth they used. I specifically told them that I don’t like that “bright silk” cloth. (not so sure how you would call it). The light effects was also requested to be changed by my photographer because that kind of color won’t look good in photos. I heard, there was a slight argument with my photographer team and the lights man.

So that is all for Php68,000. Not bad for 170 pax.

*Hover to each photo so you can see the caption.

We will be celebrating our first year anniversary but we still don’t have our photo and video coverage. We only have promises from the photographer that he will send it. We’re just tired of sending follow ups.



From my post Wedding Planning , I mentioned there my first choices for photo and video package. However, I found a better offer from D’Clare Photography. Initially, they sent me their rates below:


Then I asked for a computation if I will only get the following:

  • 2 photographers
  • 2 videographers Light man
  • SDE (Cinematic)
  • Pre-Nup
  • Unlimited shots
  • Projector & white screen
  • Full Video Coverage (Edited)

D’Clare offered me Php25,000 for this. Good offer right? I did not avail the aerial shot because that will cost me additional Php6,000. So no for aerial shot.  Take a look on our pre-nup photos. These were taken at Camella Homes Provence in Longos.

I think the team was able to achieve what I wanted – calm and formal kind of theme. The team is very creative that I received good feedback from our friends and family. Kuya Aaron, the head of the team is very fun and easy to work with. We were shy at the beginning but it went really comfortable on the succeeding hours.


Kuya Aaron is the man wearing green V-Neck shirt with his assistant, the guy wearing white. Then we have Kuya Resty, the one wearing navy blue on the right side and his 2 other assistants who are beside me on this photo. They are my HMUA team that day.

*We paid Php4,600 for our HMUA for our pre-nup. Kuya Resty did not give a price. So we just gave what we think they should get. Kuya Resty is complete with accessories and hindi nya kami tinipid. I just hope that Php4,600 is fair enough thou. Haha!

By the way, here are some photos from Kuya Resty during our pre-nup shoot.

I’ll make a separate blog for our pre-nup shoot because that’s another interesting story to share hay nakuuuu.

Now, let’s move on to our wedding day.



I can’t stop myself from smiling haha! I can still remember the feelings on that day. And if there’s one thing in my life that I would like to repeat, that will be my wedding day. Nakakainlove haha!

Okay naman ang mga photos di ba? 

Let me also share our Same Day Edit.

…and then I died! Hahaha! Nakakakilig namaaaaan!

**If you noticed, there’s an aerial shot on this video. We got it for free!


Sooooo, that’s basically it for our photo and video. We don’t have the full video coverage and all the photos from our wedding day. I am hoping that Kuya Aaron will send it all before our first year anniversary.  If you’re reading this, can you please remind him? Hahaha! Kidding!


I chose Ate Sally for my hair and make up. Also for my 3 other super friends who were my bridesmaids and my sister who was my maid of honor. I really like her craft. She was the one who also did my make up during my cousin’s wedding in December 2016. And I also hired her when I attended another wedding this April 2018.

We paid Php10,000 for my hair and airbrush make up (3 looks) for my wedding day. This includes my Mother’s make-up too. Then my bridesmaids paid Php1,000 each for their make up.

Please see the photos below. Sadly, I don’t have close-up photos of my bridesmaids who availed Ate Sally’s service.  But you can check her facebook page and personal account for more photos of her craft.

I’m super haggard!! I wasn’t able to sleep the night before our wedding. And the entire preparation for our wedding really stressed me out. I must post a separate blog for that. The super funny, irritating and almost became a runaway bride story of preparing for our wedding. But thanks to Ate Sally, I still look decent on my wedding day. Hahaha!

Here are other photos from our HMUA:

We hired Kuya Resty to do the HMU for my in-laws for Php1,000 per head too. But they paid for themselves. These are photos taken from his account.


Our lights and sounds supplier is the most easy to handle, no hassle and almost just a yes or no conversation. We had Kuya Jundy, who offered just Php3,500 for the package. It includes, lights and sounds, projector and a white screen. But I heard his regular rate is Php5,000. We got a discount since he is a close neighbor of my husband.


No light effects after our photographer suggested to have it this way for photo taking purposes.


Okay, so this is the most stressful part.

Let me show you first my inspiration for my gown.


Awesome! right? But since I can’t afford a Monique Lhuiller bridal gown, this is what I got.


How sad, right?? The idea of Monique Lhuillier bridal gown is, the pearls were all scattered all over. But hey, look what happened to my gown, parang mga bulutong na nagkumpulan sa gitna!

(Please excuse the messy background haha)

Look again!

We went to Divisoria to look for a gown and we found a stall there where their mananahi lives in Bocaue. We chose that so we can just go directly to their house for our gown and suit. The package is Php13,500 for my gown and Php8,000 for Kimpee’s suit which includes a coat, pants and vest. His suit is just fine. He got what he wants. I was really disappointed with my gown and it’s almost two weeks to go before our wedding. I almost cried talaga!


Luckily, our Ninong Boyet helped us to repair my gown. He also lend me his Tiara and Manequin.


SUPERB!!! right????

I can’t ask for any better! My repaired gown looks so great!

We also bought infinity gowns for our bridesmaids while suspenders and bow tie for our groomsmen. The infinity gowns were bought online from Cruella & Co. Please take time to read my conversation with Cruella & Co. This is another bloody part haha!

This is the first batch of my order. I was able to get the dress for Php1,100 each. I also bought the dress for our flower girls from them. I asked for suggestion from Cruella & Co about the kind of dress I can get for my dalaginding flower girls. And here’s her suggestion. It’s a little cheaper compared to others that cost Php2,000 per gown.  For this, I only paid Php4,200 for my 3 flower girls and it’s less hassle since I bought it from one supplier only, together with my bridesmaids’.

Here’s the finished product for my flower girl. Sorry if the photos are a little blurred. I just grabbed it from my friend’s haha!

Meanwhile, for my other bridesmaids….

So the price depends on the actual size of the dress. I also ordered inner tubes for all of them. In total, for my bridesmaids and flower girls, we paid for Php18,080! (plus the emotional hassle that money can’t buy! chereeeeeet!) hahaha!


But hey! Look at them! Still awesome right??!


This one below is one of the easiest part. We just need to buy them a bow tie and suspenders, then they provided their own long sleeves and black pants. The little boys also included but I don’t have photos. Suspenders were Php150 each and bow tie was Php180 each. I believed Kimpee bought 10 bow tie for the adult and 3 for the kids. Then 8 suspenders for the adult and 3 for the kids. Our total is Php3,990. Wheeew!!



Barasoain Church is our first and last choice. We often go here during our first couple of years as Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Father Dars is the Parish Priest and the one who initiated the wedding ceremony. We felt a little intimidated when we first met him, aside from we were late for our interview, he looks masungit too. Hahaha! But as you know, first impression have always been known to be wrong. We’re so in love with our unique wedding ceremony and so he became our favorite priest haha!


Photo taken from Barasoain Official Website


We paid Php2,000 for the reservation fee, then Php500 for the candle and offerings. Then the remaining Php4,500 from Php6,500. While for the flower arrangements, the total cost is Php8,000 but we shared the flower expenses with the other couples who were scheduled on that day too. So we only paid Php2,000 for the flowers. In total, we paid the church for Php9,000.

*We had Belcanto Choir for Php3,500, they were in Filipiniana Costume and they were composed of at least 18 members (i believed). Their phone number is (0955)985.7208. You can find other choir groups at the Barasoain Official Website.


Feliza Jazz Grand Pavillion was our wedding venue. That can accommodate up to 300 pax. But I think it’s ideal for up to 250 pax only. Ours was just fine, I think we had no less than 180 pax during the reception. That is for Php19,000 for 6 hrs. First 3 hrs is free of charge for aircon. But the remaining 3 hours will be charge Php1,000 per hour use of aircon. This charge was paid in advance and will be refunded if you will not use the aircon for the second 3 hrs. We got it refunded since we did not exceed the said hours for the free use of aircon.


Our first choice is BarCie but our date was already booked 😦 They are way cheaper and spacious. Their rates and contact details below.



I was a very hands on bride, we don’t have an event planner so me and Kimpee made all the incredible efforts to plan for our wedding. All our body fats and brain cells have been squeezed just to pull this off. We just hired a set of on the day coordinators to help us manage the wedding day. My friend Danah lead the coordination. She also recommended John Llona to be our host. And this is one of the things that we didn’t regret of doing for our wedding day! The team was really efficient and organize. Also, John is highly recommended! We super enjoyed the program and it looks like ang mga bisita ayaw pang umuwi kahit tapos na si John sa program. Hahaha! the program was so formal but not boring. He has this very unique style of hosting especially when telling our love story. Then John started to make some jokes and the crowd likes it so much! Also, Danah made a set of song number kahit wala na sa usapan haha! What are friends for, right?


My very efficient and highly recommended wedding coordinators. We paid them Php16,000.

Sooo…. to summarize,

  • Caterer – Php68,000
  • Photo and Video – Php25,000
  • Hair and Make Up – Php14,600
  • Lights and Sounds – Php3,500
  • Gown and Suit – Php43,570
  • Church – Php9,000
  • Venue – Php19,000
  • Coordinators and Emcee – Php16,000

Total: Php198,670  This is only for the major checklist. We still have the “Minor Checklist. Wheeeeew! After all the hassle, arguments, hurt feelings and all the negative vibes brought by the wedding preparation, I’m still super happy that we are able to achieve the wedding that we’ve planned for. The visitors were happy too. I got positive comments after the wedding and I know for sure that it’s all worth the efforts.


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