Extra Judicial Killings – Davao Death Squad

Another Senate hearing was held yesterday September 16, 2016 for Extra Judicial Killings (EJK Case). Full Video click here 

An old man named Edgar Matobato was presented as a star witness supporting that Davao Death Squad (DDS) really exist. He claimed that he is involved in series of killing in Davao and other parts of the Philippines. But let’s get to know about him first.

What he says,

He is Edgar Matobato 57 yrs old, born in June 11, 1959 from Tamayong Calinan Davao City. Highest educational attained was only the first grade. In 1982, he said that he joined the CAFGU as a Scout Ranger. In 1988 when President Duterte was newly elected Mayor of Davao, he said he was taken from the battalion and was sent to Davao to join the Lambada Boys. According to Matobato, this Lambada Boys is an assassin group created by Duterte for the purpose of killing the drug pushers, users, snatchers, rapist and killers. He testified under oath that they killed a total of 1,000 people from 1988-2013 which were all Duterte’s orders. One of which was a kidnapper who was fed alive to a crocodile.

Is this true? 

On a news article posted on Phil Star Army Spokesman Col. Benjamin Hao denied that Edgar Matobato is a member of Scout Rangers and CAFGU. He also added that a person who only finished Grade 1 is not qualified to be part of the elite forces of the Philippine Army. While President Duterte hasn’t said anything yet about the Lambada Boys that this man is claiming about.

I will not cite all the people that he claimed they killed. I just want to highlight a few hilarious things I got from watching the Senate hearing yesterday.

First – Unknowing

The committee was not informed that the chair will present this person as a witness. As per Sen. Cayetano, they were given an invitation for the hearing but it was not listed there that there will be a witness to be shown on the said session. They have to be informed so they would be able to prepare for the hearing.

Second – How did you get here?

Sen. Sotto and Sen. Cayetano asked Matobato who invited him in the Senate hearing but surprisingly, he doesn’t want to tell who. His answers were actually inconsistent. At first, he said “kusa po akong pumunta dito, then he said, “may kaibigan po ako tumulong sakin”. But when asked how he got to know this “friend” who helped him, he answered, “nagpunta ako sa simbahan ng San Fabian, dun ko nakilala si Father Olaguer, sa knya ako nanghingi ng tulong”. But it still unclear how Matobato got into the Senate Hearing. If this is true, then who among the government officials were connected to Father Olaguer that helped them out reached the Senate Hearing?

Third – Richard King

He claimed that Paulo Duterte ordered to kill the billionaire Richard King because of their rivalry to woman who’s last name is Chua.  He said King was shot in the head by the policemen and rebel returnees, it was in McDonalds while King was eating. On the contrary, Sen. Lacson clarified that King was shot inside his office in Vital C building and not in McDonalds. He also reminded Matobato to be accurate because anything that he would testify in the hearing can be used against him. Today, former King lawyer clears Duterte family. Check this news article link.

Fourth – Sali Makhdum

Matobato also said that Makhdum was an alleged international terrorist whom Duterte ordered killed in 2002.

Matobato said the DDS abducted Mahkdum in a public market on the Island Garden City of Samal.

Matobato said that the DDS brought Makhdum to the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) which, he claimed, was headed by now Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The DDS then brought Makhdum to a quarry where they chopped his body into pieces.

Sen. Lacson said that google can’t even get any news about this international terrorist and asked if this person really coexisted.

Fifth – Bodyguards of former Speaker Prospero Nograles

Matobato said that Duterte ordered the abduction of four body guards of former Speaker Prospero Nograles, who was then his rival for Davao mayor.

“Pinakidnap ang mga body guards ni Nograles, kinidnap namin dinala sa Island City of Samal,” said Matobato.

He said that the DDS hanged the bodyguards.

Representative Karlo Nograles, Nograles’ son, however, denied Matobato’s allegations.

“Pawang mga kasinungalinagan po yung sinsasabi ng witness na yun dahil ang katotohanan po ay wala kaminng empleyado o body guard sa aming hanay ang binaril o pinatay o nasalvage,” he said in a live radio interview.

Sixth – Jun Pala

Matobato also said that Duterte was behind the death of radio broadcaster Jun Pala for criticizing Duterte.

He was killed in September 2003 by a riding-in-tandem while walking home from work.


News about these allegations spread out in all sort of media yesterday. And I could say, only De Lima and Trillanes are so convinced that Matobato is really convincing. It’s obviously showing that this is a political agenda to oust President Duterte so the Liberal Party would get the highest power in Malacanang again. But sorry to say that their game wasn’t played perfectly and we Pinoys are not that ignorant to be convinced with all the lies that Matobato had thrown against our President.

Let’s all be vigilant as our Vice-President said. Oh yeah, we will. Until the next Senate hearing. That must be more exciting since there are news saying that high profile inmate Colangco will testify against De Lima.

-PH Politics: Very entertaining!






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