“From this day forward, you will never walk alone. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home.”

Ten months from now, I will be walking down the aisle. There are only few friends and relatives  whom we told that we are getting married. As we don’t want them to get really excited and throw us a lot of suggestions about the planning. It’s exactly 2 months ago when we registered our wedding day in Barasoain Church. From that day until now, I’ve been researching how to plan for our big day since we decided not to get a wedding coordinator to lessen the amount that we will need. I am confident that I can manage to prepare for it since I’m just working from home.  I really wanted to make it as cheap as possible but not to the point that it could sacrifice the outcome. I don’t want to indulge in a highly expensive wedding when I know that we haven’t bought a house yet. I am eyeing for a 150k budget. I think this is enough to have a decent wedding. “Sayang naman yung worth 300k na wedding na 4 hours mo lang gagastusin. Pang down na sa bahay yun.”

The first baby steps we did was to apply for a joint bank account, a passbook without an ATM. Then we set a certain deposit goal each month. This also depends on the current expenses that we both have. No ATM, of course to avoid withdrawals as the money that we deposit is intended just for our wedding.

I am the one who plans for the details of our wedding and I will just ask my fiance for approval. So from researching for the wedding supplies to talking to them, I am the one in charge. By the way, it’s my fiance who actually puts most of the monies in the bank so I should be on the technical part. 🙂

After we settle how much money we should have in the bank, I listed down all the things that we will be needing in our wedding.

My Wedding Check List (Major List)

  • Church
  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Photo and Video Coverage
  • Lights and Sounds
  • Gown/Suit/Entourage
  • Flowers
  • Hair and Make-Up


As mentioned above, the wedding ceremony will be held at Barasoain Church. We paid 2,000php for the registration fee. You will be given a list of the things needed in your wedding plus the amount you have to pay. I believe it will cost additional 6,000php. I haven’t reviewed it yet but I will make a separate blog once everything has been settled. I will put the breakdown of all our expenses on the next blog.


I have a list of our options for the venue. But we haven’t done an ocular visit yet. We initially want a resort so our friends and young relatives could stay overnight and drink with us. But we realized that the more hours we put on our celebration, the more money we must prepare. Haha! Like if we rent a resort for 12 hours, there will be additional cost for the rooms we will be needing, plus extra food for the inuman session. I have a list of the top 3 venues that we have on mind.

  1. BarCIE International Center – this is my first option. From the leaflet I got from them last September 2015, they have a function hall ( i forgot how they call it) that can cater upto 250pax for only less than 6,000php! Awesome offer right?! It includes 4 hours use of the room, aircon  and projector.(I should know because I studied in La Consolacion.) I haven’t seen the area thou, but in October, we will do an ocular visit na. I’m also planning to book for two rooms there for me and my fiance’s family for the wedding preparation. I will post the leaflet for the rates on my next blog.
  2. One Grand Pavilion – This is a newly constructed event’s place in Anilao, Malolos. The place is cozy but I’m still thinking if the 30,000php rate is reasonable for 4 hours stay. The place is really nice, it’s big with enough parking space. But again, I don’t need an expensive place just for a wedding if I can get the same somewhere which is cheaper.
  3. The Cabanas Pavilion – This is also another good pick for a wedding. However, the rate is around 13,000-15,000php for 4 hours plus 1,500php PER HOUR use of the air-condition. Plus I forgot how much, when you extended the celebration, you will be paying a fee.Projector is not yet included, I think that’s around 3,000php if you need one.


My fiance’s mother has a known relative who can cater our wedding. It’s actually the same caterer that serviced my sister-in-laws  (to be “,”) wedding recently. It’s worth 35,000php for  up to 100pax. The food they served on her wedding taste so good as well. Hindi tinipid, may sumobra pa. I can’t remember how many dishes they prepared, but as far as I can remember, there were like 2-3 main pork and chicken dishes, there’s carbonara, buko pandan, vegetable salad and more that I can’t remember. Me and my fiance bought Lechon for added handa. So 35,000php budget for the food hindi na masama yun compared to others. My cousin who’s wedding on December, the catering they’ll be getting is worth 60,000php for 250pax. Good thing that I would only limit my wedding to 100pax. Because the more bisita, the more expensive it may get.

Photo and Video Coverage

Okay, so this is the hardest part I think. And ranked as the most expensive from my bucket list. Truly, memories are expensive. Haha!  Based on my research, normal rates for photo and video is around 45,000 to 100,000 plus thousand. Depending on the package. Ofcourse, the more bongga package, the more expensive! So what I did, I searched for the photo and video services online, checked their rates and packages. I deleted the ones I don’t really need and basically made my own listing to be included in the package. Below is my customized package:

  • Photo and Video coverage
  • Same Day Edit (Cinematic Style)
  • Prenup Shoot
  • 2 Photographers
  • 2 Videographers
  • 1 lightman
  • Projector
  • Unlimited HD shots saved in a dvd or usb

*I didn’t include the photobook since we have a photobook business, we can make it on our own.

Also, the team must be within Bulacan for an easier access.

I have found like 4 or 5 teams but the budget that I want doesn’t meet the rates they are offering. But for your reference you can look for the following on facebook or google.

  • Kreative Shots Kreating memories
  • New Town Photography
  • Bliss Photograpy
  • Mario Mundo Photography
  • Eric Delim Photography

Among the list, Bliss Photography was my initial choice since they have all the inclusion that I really want. (especially the aerial shot) The rate is 36,000php. I just have this instinct that I can still look for a cheaper one without compromising the quality. Until I found D’Clare Photography. My best friend’s choice. I checked their FB Page, I like the quality plus they are from Bulacan and the rate, OMG you won’t believe me! It’s 19,000php only! If I want to get the Save the Date with Aerial shot, I will just have to add 6,000php! Really good offer, right?!

I had my fiance looked into their page and syempre approved naman sa kanya 🙂 So sya na talaga ang kukunin namin haha!


Hmmm for lights and sounds, I don’t have selection of choices yet but my fiance has a friend who can give us the service. I don’t know their rates yet but we will talk to them anytime soon. Based on my research the lowest price for this is 5,000php. I haven’t looked deeper into this yet.


I think this is the most exciting part, the wedding gown and suit. I actually have a perfect design for my wedding gown. However, my priority is not the wedding itself. But what comes next after the wedding. As I’ve said, we don’t have our own house and a car yet. We are together for almost 5 years now and we’re both 28 years old. We got so busy with other things on our early years as a couple and now I realized, we should’ve invested in atleast a car or a small lot so by this time we don’t need to think about it anymore. So going back with the gown and suit. A shop in Divisoria, I forgot the name of their FB account but I have their viber number, you can just comment below and I will send the contact number for you. For 35,000php they will make your dream gown and suit plus 5 gowns for your bridesmaid. I think this is a good offer but I know I can still make it a little cheaper thou 🙂

Are you aware that you can rent a wedding gown? Yes, you can. I just knew this when my sister got married last year. The gown is really good and it doesn’t look cheap. For 20,000php you will have an option to rent the wedding gown that you want plus 12pcs assorted gowns for your entourage including your flower girls. I’m not so sure if this package is still available thou. I will post another blog about this once I got a reply from them. By the mean time, their regular rental rate is 10,000php per wedding gown. (More details about this on my next blog). There’s another rental gown online which costs 6,000php. There are a lot of bridal gowns to choose from and the designs are awesome! More on this on my next blog. Probably by October we will be able to visit their shop to check on these lovely gowns. For the suit, my fiance doesn’t want to rent, medyo maselan s’ya. But I explained to him na he can buy a new set naman since he can use that again on a different occassion. But for me, where will I use the wedding gown next, right?? For me it’s really fine to rent as long as maganda ako sa kasal ko, maganda gown ko at masarap ang food namin. And lastly, I won’t broadcast na I rented my gown noh! haha!


Well, for the theme of my wedding, I want a cherry blossom aura. But I won’t be using fresh flowers ofcourse. So I’m still thinking what kind of flowers I will be using. We have a friend naman na florist and we had a little chat about it a few months ago. He can get a huge discount in Dimasalang for the flowers. Last May, my sister-in-law (to be) got married, he was the florist and he got all the flowers for 3,000php only. I will take photos from my album so you can see his arrangement as well. By the way, the florist has friends as well and they might be the coordinators in my wedding ceremony. Definitely we will pay them but not as huge as 18,000php like the one my cousin has for their wedding. Baka nga di pa magpabayad eh.


Last but not the least, hair and make-up. I just heard that I will shell out at least 10,000php for this. It could get higher depending on the package. I’m expecting to get a discount since my fiance has a cousin who’s a make-up artist. He used to work in GMA for Sunday All Stars. He is also a well known make-up artist in our town who handles beauty pageant too.

To summarize..

  1. Church – 6,000php
  2. Venue  – 6,000php
  3. Caterer – 35,000php
  4. Photo and Video Coverage – 25,000php
  5. Lights and Sounds – 5,000php
  6. Gown/Suit/Entourage – 20,000php
  7. Flowers – 5,000php
  8. Hair and Make-Up – 10,000php

TOTAL – 112,000php –> This is just an estimate but I will not exceed our budget to 150,000php.  If I can stretch all our needs for 100,000php, I will do it.

Indeed a loooong blog! But Thanks for spending time with me 🙂



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