Fortrust PH

We attended the recent Australia New Zealand Expo Education held by Fortrust PH at Fairmont Makati yesterday February 29, 2016. (photo credits to Fortrust PH)481150_1012477048819779_8180544961419502128_n

Me and my fiance do not really have a plan of going out of the country. Our initial plan was to have a wedding this year and start our clothing business here. His parents advice us to try our luck abroad, specifically in Australia where my fiance’s aunt is a permanent resident. They can probably help us look for jobs there. We are not actually closing our doors to any possibilities even if our timeline for our business has been set already. So I carefully research on how we can go there together. My fiance doesn’t want the idea of him leaving me here (and so am I) so everyday and before I sleep, I read blogs, search on FB etc. Anywhere that I can get much information about going to Australia. Then I finally found Fortrust PH.

I quickly booked for two tickets for the said Education Expo. (it’s free by the way.) It was Feb 4 when I booked for our tickets and the seminar was scheduled Feb 29. So from Feb 4 to Feb 29, I still do some research about Fortrust PH. I checked if they are scam and how much they are asking for the process.

Basically they are an agency that helps aspiring people to apply or enroll as a student in Australia and New Zealand. The service that they provide are as follows:  Free Entrance, Free Consultation and Free Visa Processing.

I really have doubts of going to Australia because I found out (based on the people I talked to who are now living and studying in Australia) that we will need to shell out more than a million peso just to be there. That includes your tuition fee, airfare and show money. That funds need to  be in your bank account for 3 months. That’s to justify that you really have funds to live there. If you have a relative who’s a permanent resident of Australia, can be your sponsor and same thing goes, they have to keep the money in the bank for 3 months.

So to clarify things out, we attended the seminar.

It was an hour discussion. And my main concern was actually answered immediately. As you can see on this photo, the applicant must have $18,610 budget for living expense. If the spouse will go with you then you will need to add $6,519 budget and so on. (If you will bring your child with you). Course fees range from $12,000-$45,000 depending on what course and what school you will take. So course fee + living expense + airfare then convert to peso, that’s the amount of budget you will need to prepare. In our case, the total we got is $42,129 and that is Php1,425,242.35.

Also, you must have at least finished 2 years in college as mandated by Australian government.


The numbers that we gathered, really helped us decide on what path we should go. When you go there in Australia, you will still be able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week while studying. The job opportunities that you can have would be food service, cleaning and retail services. Not bad at all. You can earn $17-$23 per hour.

However in our case, we cannot afford that huge amount of money. And if ever we would have the money, we would stay here and make a business rather than going to Australia. After your student visa expires, you will need to go back to the Philippines. You have an option to extend your visa but of course that’s another process with a certain fee. If you want to migrate, then you will need to talk to a lawyer about it.

If you have the money then you can go for it. I still believe that it’s still worth it. Knowing the benefits of living in Australia, definitely it’s awesome and life changing. But for us, I think it’s not really for us. 🙂











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